Rise on Linux

We provide the Rise desktop app as an AppImage for amd64 (x86_64) architectures. It should work on most common Linux distributions, but you may have to set up some dependencies.

  1. AppImages need FUSE to be installed, which should come out of the box with most distributions. If not, follow the guide for your distribution here.
  2. 💾 Download the Rise desktop app here
  3. Make the file you just downloaded executable: chmod +x Rise-x.xx.xx.AppImage (replace with the version you’ve downloaded)
  4. In order for Rise to integrate with your desktop environment, install AppImageLauncher. This makes sure that Rise appears as an application in your launcher or app menu, and that it starts correctly when you log into Rise with your browser. Follow the guide to install AppImageLauncher.
  5. Double-click the Rise AppImage, or execute it using a terminal: ./Rise-x.xx.xx.AppImage
  6. Follow the prompts to integrate Rise with your system