Flexible meetings


Everyone's schedule is always changing, and nobody wants to spend hours optimizing it. Flexible meetings can automatically adjust if there's a conflict (e.g. overlapping meetings) or to increase focus time.

Flexible meetings are especially powerful on those recurring meetings. The more events you make flexible the more time you’ll have.

How does it work

  • You choose what meetings you make flexible.
  • At latest the day before at 10am the meeting will reschedule if any conflicts can be resolved or extra focus time can be won.
  • Depending on the flexible setting events can move accordingly (e.g. across the day, week etc). It can happen that an event moves multiple times, but only if significant focus time in the team can be won.


Can I enable Flexible meetings for all events?

For all events you have edit rights for. Both recurring or one-off events. When a recurring event is Flexible Rise will reschedule each occurrence individually. In settings you can set your default Flexible event setting to all internal events, 1:1s or off. So no need to flip the switch all the time.

How can I prevent scheduling over my lunch time?

The best way to do this by creating a recurring event to block off time for lunch. In that way it’s really visible. If someone creates a new flexible event on top of your lunch, we’ll also automatically resolve that conflict.

When do Flexible meetings reschedule?

The day before at 4PM when there you collectively over all attendees can win back focus time. It checks availability of all attendees’ calendar to make sure everyone can make it.

Do I get a message when my meeting reschedules?

Yes. You’ll get an email your event is rescheduled and how much time you’ve reclaimed.

Do attendees know the meeting is rescheduled?

Yes they will get an email too.

What if an attendee doesn’t have Rise or doesn’t work at the same company?

Flexible events only works when you have access to everyones calendar to see their availability. It doesn't matter if they have Rise or not. If we have no access to someone’s availability it will not move the meeting. So nothing can go wrong here.

Can I set it up so Rise asks before rescheduling?

That’s not possible. The reason for that is that we take not just your availability into account, but also the availability of everyone in your team. And we do that for all flexible events when we do the run. Asking for permission would only work if we reschedule events one by one, dramatically reducing the impact we could have.