FocusGuard will monitor your how much time to focus you have and create focus blocks when you are calendar is filling up and you are about to hit your minimal focus time limit.

Because FocusGuard only blocks time when you’re hitting your minimal focus time limit it leaves your schedule open and flexible for others when possible.

When you remove an automatically made FocusGuard event (indicated as 🎧 Focus time) FocusGuard will be switched off for that week.


How do you measure focus time?

In Rise, we measure focus time as a block of at least two hours that is not interrupted by meetings. Events with a location and/or other participants are seen as ‘interrupting’. If you are blocking off time in your calendar, that time is not seen as interrupting your focus time.

I’ve set up FocusGuard but nothing seems to be happening?

If you enable FocusGuard, we’ve set it up to a number of focus hours that is a bit conservative. We don’t want to spam your calendar full of focus blocks right away. If you’re not seeing any blocks appear, try increasing the number of focus hours you need a bit. The higher the number, the faster FocusGuard will act.

Another reason could be that you did not mark all relevant calendars as ‘influencing availability’. You can do that in your calendar settings. Make sure the ‘Influencing availability’ toggle is on for calendars that influence your availability and thus your focus time.

Do I get a notification when FocusGuard does something?

Yes, you’ll get an email when FocusGuard kicks in. You can enable/disable those notifications in Settings.

How can I change the threshold/minimal focus time this week?

You can change your threshold and some other settings in Settings (you can find this in the far right edge of Rise) → FocusGuard.

How do I turn FocusGuard on or off?

You can turn it on in Settings > FocusGuard. And you can disable it there too. But you can also disable it for a week by removing one of the FocusGuard events when it created some.

What will my teammates see?

They will simply see an event called ‘Focus time’ in your calendar. You can adjust the event title and description in Settings if you wish. You can also toggle a setting to make your focusblocks appear as ‘busy’ events if that is what you need.

Are FocusGuard blocks also blocking external scheduling?

Yes. FocusGuard protects you from booking too many internal and external events. Sometimes you do want external users to be able to find a time with you. For that, you can simply toggle ‘Ignore FocusGuard blocks’ in the settings of your scheduling link. That will allow visitors of that link to book on top of your FocusGuard blocks.