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Rise - Help

If you need our help feel free to reach out to support@risecalendar.com or join our Telegram group


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More focus time with Rise

Rise is a powerful calendar that will help you have radically different weeks. It will automatically adapt your schedule to you, giving you more time to focus and eliminating the scattered gaps between meetings. We have seen Rise users that reclaimed 6 hours of focus time every week. Imagine what you can do with that.

Here are a few things you can do to get an easier schedule with more time to focus:

1. Make more meetings flexible The more meetings you make flexible the more Rise can do to optimize everyones time Read more about flexible meetings
2. Invite more colleagues When more colleagues join Rise, it makes it possible to be more flexible with meeting times and optimize your schedule. Invite your colleagues by emailing their addresses to founders@risecalendar.com.
3. Set-up FocusGuard FocusGuard automatically blocks off time in your schedule when your calendar is becoming busy. To get more time to focus, simply set up FocusGuard and raise its threshold. Read more about FocusGuard


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