Multiple accounts


Connect as many Google and Outlook calendars as you like. We’ll bring them together in one unified view.

You can use the Add calendar account button on the bottom left, or go to SettingsCalendars and click Add account.

Combining Google and Outlook calendars

When adding multiple calendars under one Rise account, make sure to be already logged in at Rise when adding a second calendar. Note that Rise will create a new Rise account with a new calendar when not logged in, which might result in 2 separate Rise accounts.

For example: when you want to add a personal Google account and an Outlook business account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and select your Google account to log in.
  2. Rise will create a Rise account with your Google email address as primary address in Rise, and will add the Google calendar to it.
  3. After completing the onboarding and installing the app, add your Outlook account from the settings (see screenshot above)
    1. Note: as of now, it is not possible to to add a Google and Outlook account with the same email address. We will support this in the future.
    2. Note: It is possible to choose a primary email at Outlook that is used for Google Calendar. Right now this also means that this Outlook account cannot be added.
  4. You will now have 1 Rise account with 2 calendars (Google and Outlook) connected.

“Sorry, this account is already linked to a different Rise account”

If you run into this error, here are the steps you can take to get both hooked up under one account:

  1. Sign in with the account you want to link to a new Rise account
  2. Go to Settings → Profile → click ‘Delete account’
  3. Now log in with your other Rise account
  4. You should be able to connect your second account now, following the steps above.

Running into issues? Feel free to reach out to support@risecalendar.com, we’re happy to help.

Availability across accounts

For all the scheduling features we’ll try to figure out your availability. For this we include all calendars that have their default availability set to Busy, like here:


Within your busy calendars you can mark individual events as ‘Available’, which means Rise (or anyone) is allowed to schedule on top of it.

You can change that here:

Note: that we’ll also skip available calendars and events for flexible – they will not be included and will not move around.