Meet let’s you instantly find the best time to meet with colleagues. It balances everyone’s availability, local timezone, working hours and meeting preferences (do they like to meet in the morning or afternoon) to find the time with the least impact on focus time.

Use F on the keyboard to use meet and find a time. Or use the meet button on top. You can only search for your direct colleagues. You can change the duration or time window you like the meeting to be in and let Rise do it’s work.



What if it can not find a time?

Meet will offer you some alternatives.

How does it know the preferences and availability of my colleagues (who might not be on Rise)?

Even if your colleagues don’t use Rise, Meet will lookup their calendar data in Google to see their availability and timezone. If there are no working times configured we default to 09AM until 5PM.

How does it decide what’s the best time?

It looks at everyones availability, other peoples meetings and tries to group meetings together so we find a slot with the least impact on focus time (longer stretches of time without any meetings). We do take events that have no attendees or location (often considered tasks) into account when finding an available slot but will count those events as focus time.