Setting up Outlook permissions

If you’re running into a screen that looks like this but are not able to accept, you’ll need to request Rise to be added to the apps that are allowed to interact with your Microsoft account.


In your case, it will not show you those Cancel and Accept buttons, but instead it will block your installation.

You’ll need to ask your system administrator to approve Rise. Here’s how that works:

Using Entra

  1. Go to Microsoft Entra: https://entra.microsoft.com/#view/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/StartboardApplicationsMenuBlade/~/AppAppsPreview
  2. Click New Application
  3. Search for Rise
  4. Open the details panel and click Create
  5. Edit the installed application, head over to Properties and set Assignment required to No
  6. image
  7. Now all users within your organization will be able to get started with Rise