Video Conferencing

With Rise, you can add a video conferencing solutions quickly from one place. By default, Rise will use Google Meet as the default conference solution for your account.

Google Meet is enabled by default. In the given situation that your Workspace Admin disabled creating new meetings with Google Meet, it will not show up as an option when choosing a video conferencing solution from the event details.

If your company already uses Zoom for meetings, you can connect your Rise account with your Zoom account and create new Zoom meetings directly from Rise.

It is also possible to add custom links as conference solutions, which provide a quick way for adding meeting links from another conference solution to your events.


To get started, open up the Settings Menu in Rise to connect a new conference solution.

You can press g followed by s to open up the Settings Menu

Adding a video conferencing option to your calendar events

As you create or update events from within Rise, you can choose any of your configured conference solutions as video conferencing options.

After saving the event, Rise will asynchronously call the provider to create a new link and add it to the conference details of the event.


Rise will also show a JOIN button on the event itself, starting 5 minutes before the event starts. You can also join the meeting by pressing ctrl/cmd + j.


Guides to setup conference solutions

Google MeetGoogle MeetZoomZoom