This page explains what workspaces are and how they are being used in Rise.

What are workspaces in Rise?

A workspace is a place where team members, projects, and tasks are grouped. It’s important to distinguish between two types of workspaces: a company workspace and a personal workspace. Note that every Rise user also automatically gets a personal workspace, where everything that is being added is private to the user.

How are workspaces created and team members added?

Right now, Rise looks at the primary domain of the calendar to create or update a workspace (provided by Google/Outlook) for company workspaces. This means if you add multiple company accounts, you are added to multiple workspaces. A personal workspace is created by default for everybody.

Workspaces and pricing plans

Since Rise charges based on the number of tasks in a workspace, workspaces are relevant for pricing. Possible restrictions when going over a task limit are per workspace. Right now, the task limit doesn’t apply to personal workspaces.

Configuring workspaces

When navigating to settings → workspaces you’re able to change some workspace specific settings, like the workspace members, teams within workspaces and custom statuses. Also under settings → Tasks & Projects → General you are able to configure to which calendars tasks go.