Outlook Early Risers

Outlook Early Risers

Hey there, Early Risers! We're happy to announce the arrival of Outlook Calendar support to Rise, and we couldn't be happier to have you on board as our early risers beta testers to help us fine-tune this integration.

Your feedback is very important to us, so let us know of anything you are missing or bugs you are running into.

Features Available Now:

  • Outlook Calendar Integration: Seamlessly sync your Outlook Calendar, ensuring that you can view and edit every meeting in Rise.
  • Focus Guard / Lunch: Block time in your primary calendar, now also supported with Outlook.
  • Cross Calendar Blocking: Block time across calendars, now seamlessly supported with Outlook.
  • Rise to Rise Scheduling: If your colleagues are also using Rise, you can now view their schedules and find the perfect time to meet.
  • Contacts Integration: Syncing your Outlook contacts to Rise.
  • Event Colors: View and edit your Outlook events colors.
  • Viewing Colleagues' Calendars: View your Outlook colleagues schedules, even if they are not using Rise.
  • How to open up Outlook calendars for team members
  • Conference Solutions: Setting Teams or Skype as online meeting solutions for your Outlook meetings.

Features Coming Soon:

  • Groups: Add attendees to events by using Groups.
  • Meeting Rooms / Buildings: Block meeting rooms and view their availability in Rise.
  • Attachments: View files attached to meetings.

Known Issues:

  • Badly formatted descriptions: Outlook’s HTML descriptions are formatted in a different way than we expect, and are displayed badly in Rise. Please view those events in Outlook in those cases.