Subscribing to an iCloud calendar

We currently do not have support for iCloud. Here’s a quick guide to help you subscribe to your iCloud on Google Calendar. This lets you see the meetings you have in your iCloud calendar, but it won’t let you edit them. If you like to edit those meetings as well we recommend 🚚Migrating from iCloud to Google Calendar.

Find your iCloud calendar link

You’ll first publish your calendar in order for you to download the full contents. If your calendar is already on your computer, skip to the OS X or Windows instructions.

  1. Go to iCloud Calendar at icloud.com/calendar and sign in using your iCloud Apple ID and password
  2. Click the icon (looks like a wifi logo) on the right of the calendar you’d like to subscribe to
  3. Publicly share the calendar
  4. Select and copy the URL (web address) from that shared calendar

Subscribing on Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. On the bottom left click the + icon next to ‘Other calendars’
  3. Select from URL, paste the URL from your iCloud link and add the calendar