Security and Data Protection

Here’s an overview of what we do at Rise to keep your data secure and private. If you run into any issues or if you’re having questions around security, privacy or with specific questions how we handle your data, reach out to support@risecalendar.com.

What kind of data does Rise collect?

You can read a bit more about the data we collect in our Privacy Policy. We always try to store the minimum amount of data possible and we remove it as soon as it is no longer needed.

Where is my data stored?

Rise is hosted on Google Cloud in the European Union (Frankfurt).

Is Rise SOC 2 certified?

Not right now, but we are in the process.

How can I remove all my data from Rise?

You can simply remove your account by going to Settings → Account. As soon as you do this we’ll remove all your details from Rise and will no longer synchronize your calendars with Google.

When you remove your account at Rise, the access granted by signing in with Google does not automatically get revoked. Here’s how you can do that.