When opening a colleague’s calendar who’s in another timezone, Rise automatically shows the colleague’s timezone so you’ll see the difference. When a colleague is in another timezone and her/his local timezone is not between 9AM and 5PM you’ll see the local time under her/his name in the colleague list.

Show additional timezones

You can also show multiple timezones no matter who’s calendar you’re looking at. For example when you will be traveling somewhere and want to plan your meetings in advance. Hit A in the calendar to add another timezone. You can add multiple timezones if you like.

Change your own timezone

Rise tracks your current timezone automatically, so you don’t need to think about it. If you do want to change your timezone, for example to peek at how your schedule looks ahead of traveling, you can: open Cmd+K and type ‘Change display timezone’. You can also find this setting under General in settings. Additionally you can click your own timezone to access this list: